Minyak goreng pada Pakaian Berwarna

Bagaimana Menghilangkan Noda untuk pakaian PUTIH dan BERWARNA?

Gunakan Vanish Cair untuk warna lebih cemerlang.

Minyak goreng pada Pakaian – Untuk Pakaian Berwarna


Vanish Cair 1000ml

Vanish Cair 1000ml

Hilangkan Noda dan Kuman*, lembut untuk serat dan warna pakaian

Vanish Cair


Langkah 1

Tambahkan 60ml Vanish Cair pada 4L air (maks. 40°C).

Langkah 2

Rendam selama maks. 1 jam untuk pakaian berwarna dan maks. 6 jam untuk pakaian putih.

Langkah 3

Cuci seperti biasa dengan deterjen dan tambahkan 60ml Vanish Cair.

Tidak menemukan solusi yang dicari?

Tips Ahli Kami

Stain removal tips fats and oils are repel stains as soon as possible! Oil and grease stains will be difficult to remove if you do not address them as soon as the stain will begin to attach to the fabric.

Use a clean dampened cloth to wipe grease stain for a few minutes. Be careful not to make the oil stain is spreading.

Follow the instructions as above Vanish Liquid.


Cooking oil and olive oil stain clothes all the time. Many people will throw away his clothes (especially the white shirt) stained everyday, but with Vanish Liquid, you are sure to eliminate grease stains will be much easier.